Litedark is all about an active lifestyle and balanced nutrition to get the best out of you. We stimulate sports and believe it’s important to get the most out of your workouts in order to achieve your fitness goals.

However, a few group classes here and there don’t necessarily make you master of your body. That’s why we’re introducing urbanathletics, a series of programs designed to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Urbanathletics Level 1: Constructing the Basis

What is it?

Constructing the Basis is a 7 week program that will teach you how to perform a good push-up, squat, pull up, lunge, bend and gait. How to make each of these more accessible, more efficient and more tailored to your fitness goals.

In addition, we teach you how the right nutrition can help you boost the efficiency of your workouts.

This program is suited for all fitness levels and consists of 7 sessions (every Tuesday 19:00-20:15)

Why would I need it?

Constructing the Basis will give you the tools to maximize your workout at bootcamp, gym, yoga, running etc. Once your toolbox is fuller and more polished, you will feel more confident to go to classes that may seem like a far reach now. You will become more aware of your body, of your capacities and will dare to aim big!

What do I get?

Each session is a workout in which all exercises will be analysed as to technique and why and how they affect your body. The workouts will challenge you with bodyweight, HIIT, suspension and weighted exercises.

Using complimentary fresh energy shakes or healthy snacks we wil explain how its ingredients will help you reach a higher level of fitness, a stronger body and better results.

We stimulate you to workout in between the weekly sessions in order to grow stronger during the program, either in other classes, in the gym or at home. There is also a possibility to book additional, personal sessions with our certified trainers Zoë and Alexius.

What does it cost?

The price is €15 per session or €75 for the whole Level 1 program. You can pay with PIN or creditcard on the spot.

How do I apply?

Simply confirm your presence for each session on the urbanathletics Facebook Events page. Each session’s location will be communicated on this event page.

Although not obligatory, we recommend filling out the intake form (online soon), which includes a self-test that you can take at home. This way the trainers will be able to track your progress and work on your personal goals.

Free intro session

On May 30th we will host an introductory session, free of charge and free of obligations. It will give you an overview of the program to see if it fits your needs.

For this free session we also ask you to confirm your presence on the urbanathletics Facebook Event page.

More info & contact

For more info connect with us on Instagram, Facebook or by email.